Fans with Painting and Calligraphy

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, folding fan became a fashion trend among the scholars and literati. Holding a folding fan and exchanging paintings and poetries on the fans was a symbol of elegance and refined manner. Folding fans, symbol of talents and sentiments, were used  by people among royal palaces, boudoir rooms and even foreign countries. Social etiquette and life value of that time are all expressed by these exquisite fans.

40 rare fans of the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as some antique objects are selected from the collections. The fans are painted by various reputable artists including calligraphers like Wen Zhengming, Wang Chong, Chen Jiru and celebrities like Qian Qianyi, Liu Rushi. The exhibition is divided into three sections: "Masters" "Celebrities" and "Talented Women". It shows to the audiences the profound culture behind the folding fans.


Environment:Temperature 20 ± 2℃; Humidity 55 ± 5%;Illumination<150luxes using optical fiber or halogen light with ultraviolet filter. Advanced exhibition facilities against fire and burglary.

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