Painting & Epic - Gesar Thangka and Tibetan Art

We can get acquainted with a great epic and eulogize a Tibetan hero through watching a set of Thangkas.
Thangka is a religious scroll framed by colorful satins that is used for worship. It is a unique Tibetan Buddhism painting with strong indigenous characteristics and a splendid treasure in Tibetan Art, with complicated technologies and exquisite materials.

This set of thangka, including 11 paintings that are extremely rich in content, depicts the life of a Tibetan epic hero King Gesar. It is the most intact set of King Gesar thangka known. This exhibition uses the stories of King Gesar as links, including four units: The birth of the hero, the horse race and the claim of the throne, The battle in the world, and Back to the heaven. The relevant items about King Gesar and Tibet Culture, Such as thangkas and the antiques, will also be displayed, to get better understanding of this longest epic story.

Exhibition Information 

Environment:Temperature 20 ± 2℃; Humidity 55 ± 5%;Illumination<150 luxes using optical fiber or halogen light with ultraviolet filter. Advanced exhibition facilities against fire and burglary.

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