Lascaux Exhibition


A unique opportunity to discover the splendour of Paleolithic art in a life size replica of the Unesco listed cave of Lascaux, closed to visitors since 1963.


Discovered in 1940 and having survived in a stable environment for 17000 years, the fabulous paintings and engravings of Lascaux were suddenly exposed to destructive elements, resulting in a forced closure of the cave in 1963, after a relatively short space of time.


Given the historical importance of the site, the French created a replica of part of the cave.

Spread over 4000㎡, the exhibition covers all aspects of this iconic cave, from the chance ‘discovery’ of the art, to what the cave has revealed through decades of research and to the continued attempts to preserve the fragile imagery.


Monumental, interdisciplinary and interactive, the exhibition offers visitors a unique, informative and intense experience.



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